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Israel to attack Iran before the 2012 U.S. presidential elections?

There are plenty of options other than going to war

Raymond Cheng

Snapshots of Not-ready-to-die-in-your-war campaign (c) Ronny Edry
Tens of thousands of people joined the online cause "Israel Loves Iran" and portraited themselves in the "Not-ready-to-die-in-your-war photo campaign", spreading the message of peace across the Internet. Photo © Ronny Edry

Iran's former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani once quoted the late Ayatollah Khomeini's words and described Israel as a "one-bomb country," meaning that it would only take one nuclear bomb to completely wipe Israel off the world map (note: this was actually an incorrect translation done by some anonymous wire service translators, see "The rumor of the century" by Iran specialists Arash Norouzi of the Mossadegh Project). Yet, to some extent, I agree with the logic that Israel is a compact state and going to war would definitely not be in the interest of the country. But when Israel is such a tiny "one-bomb country" and no one is ready to die in an Israel-Iran war (see the quickly blooming social media group "Israel Loves Iran"), why risk annihilation and be the first to strike? At least I, for one, have never heard of Taiwan attempting to take back mainland China or South Korea to invade Japan. There are, always, cleverer, more civilized, and much longer lasting weapons to use that would do good to both sides than to go to full-scale war – business and trade, foreign direct investment, etc. for instance. Maybe it's time for Mr. Netanyahu to revise his investment portfolio to include some Iranian assets and check out the examples between India and Pakistan, or Taiwan and China (below). Even though many would argue that the situation there are different than that between Israel and Iran, I still hold the belief that there are plenty of options other than war and there is always a light of hope for peace – it is just a matter of choice.


Raymond Cheng
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