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This is a personal website as well as my personal blog and is a demonstration of my rights of free speech and free thought (as well as the rights of those who are associated with me on this project) . Please be reminded that this is also not a business website.

Any statements made in this website about persons or groups are only personal opinions and are not intended to be truthful factual reprsentations nor disparagements of these persons or groups. In addition, please be duly informed that when comments are made about a past or present government policy, issue, or historical event, I am only relying on the publicly available facts and I have no personal knowledge of the facts or the merits of the issues on which I comment outside of what has been publicly published. I try my very best to understand the facts and other matters that I comment on, yet I would still strongly recommend that you should read these opinions and other sources again and judge them by yourself. My explanations and interpretations may not be entire correct (or can very much be wrong or biased as well) and so they are not intended to be relied upon by anyone. Please do not take them as professional advice. In fact, no one should act upon any opinion or information read from this website without first seeking advice from a qualified professional.

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Meanwhile, this website is not intended to be for advertising of any kind nor solicitation of services in any way.

The sole intended purpose of this website is for personal expression of views, private views, and opinions related to my favorite subjects, including but not limited to anti-corruption, criminal justice, public policy and administration. No guarantee or representation is made about the truth or accuracy of any information found in this website. The information contained in this website is provided on an as-is basis and should only be considered as general information for entertainment purposes. The topics, therefore, may or may not be updated subsequent to their initial publication.

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Raymond Cheng

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Last modified on February 15, 2012.