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Posted May 25, 2012

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How To Remove System Tray Icons In Windows 7

We tend to install and uninstall applications in Windows and this list of apps becomes quite large with the passage of time. Windows system tray is an area where applications can install their icons and display notifications about their status. Windows 7 remembers all the items and their display settings which were installed in the system tray. You can access all the notification area items from the “Notification Area Items” or from the Customize link in the system tray.

When you open the notification area list, you will notice that it even contains the items which you have already uninstalled or are not using for quite a long time. There is no direct way to clean the system tray icons in Windows. But the system tray icons can be removed by editing the registry. Let’s see how this can be done with ease.

remove tray notification items from registry

Go to the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Classes\\Local Settings\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\TrayNotify

In the right hand pane, delete the following keys:

  • IconStreams
  • PastIconsStream

After deleting the above keys, you will need to restart Windows Explorer by killing it from the Task Manager and then restarting it.

The registry key is the same for Windows 7 and Windows 8. So you can safely follow this method for remove system tray icons in Windows 7 and in Windows 8.

Notification Area Cleaner for Windows 7

Apart from using the manual registry method, you can also use a software called Notification Area Cleaner for Windows 7. This software will let you only delete the obsolete items from the system tray notification area. Running this tool will reset the notification area in Windows 7. Notification Area Cleaner does not have any configuration settings. You only need to run the program and it will automatically do it job.

Download Notification Area Cleaner for Windows 7

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